Sunday, January 7, 2018

January 2018 WIPocalypse Introduction

Hello, All,

I've participated (loosely) in the WIPocalypse since the world was going to end in 2012.

Needless to say, there was no kaboom (sorry Marvin) and I've been stitching on.  I've been pretty bad about updating because it always seems that my stitching year is spent doing some Super Secret Project (SSP) for either my sister's wedding or my now year old niece.  I'm sure as she gets older and can ask for things to be done I will be side tracked, but until then, I stitch....FOR ME!!!!

This year I have five goals for the 2018 WIPocalypse.

1.  Stitch From Stash
     I took count of my stash and it is scary.  I won't give actual numbers here, but let's just say that I am on my way to opening up a stitching store.  Sigh.  Anyway, to keep the beast in check, I've joined the Facebook group and am going to keep a budget.  However, any items bought for gifts (patterns mostly) do not count against my SFS budget.  I will try to use fabric and floss from my stash for gifts as much as I can.

2.  Work Towards Finshing WIPS
      Again, I took count of my stash and I have twenty-one patterns STARTED and fourteen kitted up and ready to go.  I have created a page showing these thirty-five (sigh, 35) projects but will also list them below.  My plan is to work on each project for 20 hours and then move on.  I think I will set the rule of working on each project, with the exception of our wedding sampler, for 20 hours before touching it again in the course of the year.
Bent Creek:
      Photobooth Frank N Boo
      The Haunted House
     Siberian Snuggle
Heaven and Earth Designs:
      Christmas Animals
      Peacock Garden
Lizzie Kate:
      Dressmaker's Daughter
      September Sapphire Fairy
Needle Bling Designs:
      Countdown to Christmas
Nouveau Encore Designs:
      S Wedding Sampler
Pine Mountain Designs:
      Fang Tastic
      Jingle Typography
      Spring Typography
      Spring Typography Pillow
      Summer Typography
Stoney Creek Collection:
      Autumn Bell Pull
      Halloween Village Afghan
      Pattern of the Month Series - Halloween (PM901-904)
      Rest in Pieces - Current piece being worked
Victoria Sampler:
     Stitching Witches
Amy Bruecken Designs:
     Got Candy
     Witchy Poo
Bent Creek:
     Snow Globe Mantle
Gigi R Designs:
     Les Belles Lettres de Gigi - K
      Family Reunion
Ink Circles:
     Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble
     Wings and Things Mandala
Lizzie Kate:
       Very Scary
Nora Corbett:
       Faerie Summer Love
Sam Sarah Studio:
      Something Wicked
Stoney Creek Collection:
      Christmas Village Afghan
      Happy Hootin' Halloween

Here is where I am after about 12 hours on Rest in Pieces.  Keep in mind that this is a WIP and had been worked on before.

3.  Finish Our Wedding Sampler
     I have already put in a week of a thread a day and twenty hours on our wedding sampler.  The design is from Nouveau Encore Designs and has been personalized with our initials and wedding date.  I am fortunate that six of the lovely ladies I stitch with on Thursday and Saturday are each doing one motif in the design.  I've also convinced my husband to put in at least two stiches on the wedding ring motifs.  :)  My goal is to have it finished for our first anniversary.  Here is the status of our sampler.

4.  Keep Up On My Thread A Day
     I never thought that doing one thread a day would make any progress on a project but I've discovered that I was very wrong.  Here are the projects that I have finished as a thread a day.  Rosewood Manor's Season of the Trees, started 09.01.14 and finished 06.09.15. (Sorry for the wrinkles).
Ink Circle's Cirque des Carreaux, started 08.31.16 and finished 11.18.17
That brings us to my current thread a day project.  It is the Temperature Block Sampler by Stitchnmomma.  I am creating a pillow with a single block with the high temperature of every day of 2017 being a square of stitches.  January 1, 2017 is a single stitch in the middle of the block.  I ma stitching this with half crosses on 36 ct white evenweave over one.  I started on 11.29.17 and am slightly behind but will catch up.

5.  Keep Up With my Cut a Bitch SAL
     I was gifted a copy of Jack the Stitcher (can be found on Etsy) Please Grant me the Serenity and a few of my Thursday night stitchers and I created a SAL.  We all were allowed to work the border before we officially started on January 4th and we'll only work on it on Thursday nights.  My progress after the border and the first night, along with the design are below.  If you are on Instagram, you can follow all three of our progress at #cutabitchsal.

I am going to try and be better about updates and posting.  I've put the posting dates in my dayrunner so I'm hoping my Virgo mind will be pushed into updating.  Until the end of the month, thanks for stopping by and happy stitching!!!!


Sara said...

Great projects! You’re not helping me move through my WIPs though- Rest In Pieces just went on my want list:)

Jaret said...

Lots of great projects on your list. Good luck with your stitch from stash goal. That's my weakness. I still love your wedding sampler. The colors are beautiful!

OhSewCrafty said...

Lovely selection of projects. It's super inspiring that you finished those two designs with a thread a day, way to go! And your serenity sampler is hilarious. Happy stitching!

Stitching Noni said...

Love that serenity Sampler! Looking forward to seeing all of your progress during 2018! Good luck :)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. You are a "no-reply" commenter but if you respond to this comment by email I can reply in future.

Love your projects you've chosen. I've also been doing a Thread-a-Day project for a few years. I stitch while I supervise my young son's bath! So it's usually a monochrome.

Love your wedding sampler too.

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