Monday, January 28, 2013

January 2013 WIPocalypse Post

Hello all, I had so much fun with the 2012 WIPocalypse that I'm returning for 2013.  Welcome! :)

Currently in my stitching queue is a Super Secret Project (SSP) that I cannot currently post pictures of, however, I can say that I've completed approximately 11,000 of the 53,400 stitches.  So that puts me about 20.5% complete.  I'm feeling a little behind the power curve on this project at the moment because it does actually have a due date.  Hopefully, my stitching mojo will be back in full force soon.

Since I'm completely consumed with the SSP all of my many other projects are sitting ever so patiently but not so quietly in another room just waiting their turn to be worked.  Here are the projects that I have in the wings and where they stand at the moment.

Siberian Snuggle (Howard Robinson)

Tranquility (Bucillia)

Mishra (HAED)


Christmas Animals (HAED/Luthu Travisi) - I have no idea why it's turned.  Silly technology.


Spring Cross (Janlynn)

Cuddled Kitten (Elsa Williams)

Spring Sampler (Janlynn)
Easter Monogram (own design)

I'm hoping to get the SSP finished and then start working on and completing a few of these this year.  Fingers crossed.  Happy Stitching All!!!