Sunday, May 22, 2016

I know that this is a non-stitching post, but not really since you can buy stitchy stuff using this program.  

I have been using Ebates for a little while and have already gotten $150 in cash back rewards from them.  Stores pay Ebates to bring them customers and when you shop at over 2,000 stores through Ebates you earn cash back rewards that are paid out quarterly. 

I introduced my friend at Stitchnmomma and she discovered that Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and Michael's are all listed on their site!!  My response when she told me this...WHAT?!?!?!  How did I not know this????  I guess it falls into how I didn't know there was a Lion Habitat where you could see and feed lions in Las Vegas, but  that is another story.  

Anyway, to earn cash back, you go to Ebates  and go to the crafty store of your choosing, purchase items and use any coupons you may have like you normally do and cash back rewards will be deposited in your account.  The rewards are paid out on a quarterly basis and you can choose to have the rewards deposited into your Paypal account or you can receive a check.

If you're interested in trying Ebates and earning cash back on purchases you would be making anyway, I've put a button on the right side of my page that will take you to the Ebates site where you can sign up.

Until the next time...happy stitching!!

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