Wednesday, November 14, 2012

October WIPocalypse - with Finishes

This has been a pretty good stitching month.  I made progress on several projects and started some new ones.  First up is the Spring Floral Cross, which I have worked on since July.  Keeping with my backstitch as I go new method, this was mostly catching the backstitching up with the cross stitching.  So far, it's looking good and it is a pretty quick stitch.

Next is my HAED Mishra, he now has two stripes.  I could have finished the page but all that is left is a whole lot of white and I'm debating doing the white after I've finished a whole row of pages to try and keep it clean.  What's everyone's opinion on that?  Should I wait to complete a whole row of pages or should I do the white page by page? Advice? 

Here are the Shells that I haven't touched since July as well.  I've made some progress on it.  I think it will be very cute when it is finished.

I've almost finished the left half of the Kitten Cuddled in a Quilt.  I wanted to have this done by Christmas but I don't think that it will make the deadline sine I have a super secret project (SSP) that I am working on now and that will be taking much of my time.  Maybe I'll work it into one of the two days a week I allow myself to work on something other than the SSP.

The Spring Sampler also received some attention this month.  Of course it was catching the back stitching up to the stitching but it is starting to come together and I know that just above that shamrock is a large area of white that is just dying to be stitched and I can't wait to have a single color for a while on this project.

Here is my free HAED Christmas Animals pattern.  I haven't worked on this since August and I'm doing full cross in lieu of tenting because this isn't as jam packed with stitches like a normal HAED.  I've almost finished the back half of the pheasant.

Here is a monogram that I've started for myself.  It will be an Easter monogram hence the pastel colors.  I've only worked on it about three times and it is stitching up very fast.  I want to have this done by April but I think I will make that deadline with no problem.  In fact I may switch between this and the Kitten for Thursday night stitching.

Finally I have two finishes, well almost finishes, they need to be stuffed and have the opening stitched shut but they will be done.  The first is actually a cross stitch that I finished in 2008 and just never got around to finishing the pillow.

The second is a gift I made. It originally said "I'll get you my pretty" but when I saw it at the LNS I thought it said "I'll cut you my pretty" on first glance.  When I looked again and realized what it said I thought it was hilarious and decided I had to make this for my sister.  I hope she finds the humor in it that I did.


sharine said...

Lots of great progress:)

Caitlin Jordan said...

Gorgeous stitching :D

Juls said...

So much progress!!! All great projects!!!!!! Your rotation is working!!!!!! I love them all!!!!!

The Maiden said...

I'll cut you my pretty is made all the more better by the manchild yeilding a knife!

The Maiden said...

I had no idea you were working all these projects, I never see them at the stitch alongs! You have been hiding them I see! Great progress on the monogram and I would love to see the seashells one on Thursday? I understand if SSP needs to take priority though!