Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WIPocalypse 2014 - January

Hello everyone, this is the first 2014 WIPocalypse posting and the topic is to introduce ourselves and our projects.  I'm Kris and live in Las Vegas, NV with two very sweet cats.  I am lucky enough to have finally found a great boyfriend and am enjoying spending time with him as well. I've been stitching for off and on for over 15 years.  I love stitching and find it very relaxing.  I'm lucky that I am able to stitch and listen to books on tape at the same time, I get to do two of my favorite things at once.

My goals this year are simple:

1.  Try to finish 15 of the 30 pages in the HAED Mishra design.
2.  Make as much progress on all of my other pieces on my WIP List page.

I would like to have fifteen of the thirty pages in the pattern completed as of December 31, 2014 so  I'm allowing myself a three week rotation.  Two weeks are spent entirely on Mishra and the third is for any of the million other projects that I have started or want to start.  I'm hoping that this rotation will help me meet my goal.

Here are the projects as they should look like when finished and what they stand as of today.


September Sapphire Fairy (Mirabilia)

Christmas Animals (HAED)

Spooky House (Stoney Creek)

Under the Harvest Moon (Lavender Wings)

Give Thanks (Plum Street Samplers)

Tranquility (Bucilla)

Siberian Snuggle (Howard Robinson)

Spring Cross (Janlynn)

Spring Sampler (Janlynn)

Happy stitching!


sharine said...

Lots of great projects. Good luck with your goals:)

Kitten said...

Oh my gosh, I never would have picked up Spooky House, but with the purple background it looks so incredible! Thanks for the inspiration!

Miamina said...

You have a wonderful collection of projects there. I love tigers so I can't wait to see those worked up. The fabric you've picked for the Sapphire fairy is gorgeous. I really can't wait to see your updates on them all!

Kris said...

Sharine and Miamina, thanks for the support, I'm hoping to have a good stitching year.

Kitten, I've had friends stitch Spooky House on the orange it calls for and on a sparkly purple fabric and it looks amazing on both.

Rachel said...

WOW - you have some impressive WIPs! Those HAED pieces scare me too much to ever attempt one - my hat off to you!

Juls said...

Great progress!!!! love seeing these!!!!

Patty said...

I would love to do the season samplers by Janlynn! Are you planning to do other seasons?

Beautiful work!

Kris said...

Patty, I have all four season samplers and plan to do them...eventually. ;)