Thursday, June 13, 2013

May Wipocalypse Post

Well, after 6 months and 53,400+ stitches the SSP (super secret project) is complete and has been gifted.  The SSP was a wedding gift for my sister. My parent's took a picture of the location with my sister and her fiancée that I then gave to a friend that is a genius with Photoshop.  She took my sister and fiancée out of the picture, filled in the gaps and viola I had a picture to send to The Stitching Studio in Canada.  They took the picture below and created a 200 by 267 stitches pattern that included blended stitches.

I then took the pattern and stitched the design on 28 count evenweave.  I started December 1, 2012 and finished in the early hours May 26, 2013.

Here is the final product.

I had it framed and gave it to them at their rehearsal dinner.  They loved it.  :)

Now back to working on the million of WIP that I have kept locked in the closet all this time...or maybe I'll start something new. :D

Happy Stitching All!!!


Juls said...

Amazing and even better IRL!!!!

Maureen said...

Wow. What an amazing and thoughtful gift. I am sure it will be treasured.

cheryl said...

Congratulations on your finish. What a wonderful gift! Can't wait to see which projects you will be working on next.

Kris said...

Thanks everyone. I am so happy to be done with the SSP and am happy that they love it. Now on to the WIPs.

Anonymous said...


Just found your lovely blog.
What a fantastic finish and a lovely present - I'm not surprised they love it!

Have a good week (:

Jennifer Cook said...

Quite lovely! God has blessed you with a gift for stitching love with your hands! Jenn (a FMF Snail mail friend) you write Five Minute Friday posts?