Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIPocalypse July

My seven projects currently in rotation are moving along quite well.  Sometimes it feels like I'm not making progress but every stitch is one stitch closer to a finish.  I'm hoping that by the next post I'll have at least one finish.  Most likely it will be the monogram which will then be replaced by a new monogram. :)  I'll also have posts on the two HAEDs that I'm starting.  I doubt it will be much as I'll just be following the same three day rotation. Now for some progress pictures...

First is the monogram that I've been working on for February. I'm beginning to have doubts about doing it over two threads but it is almost finished so I'm not starting over. Here is what it looks like when I finished this round of stitching:

Then I worked on the Spring Sampler. I think that when I completely finish one of the four pages I'll really feel like it is coming along. Here is the current status of it.

Here is the current status of the stocking that I am working on.  I'm hoping to have this completed by this Christmas.  If it starts to get close and I'm not done I may have to adjust my rotation to complete it on time.

My mother tiger and two babies is slowly coming together.  I didn't get as much progress as I wanted on this as I had hoped since I had to frog a large portion out from the last posting.  I've restitched all that I frogged and then some.  Here is what it looks like now.

The seashell design has been a pretty quick stitch. I definitely feel like I'm making progress on it.  Here they are now.

The cat in the quilt is still moving very slowly.  It is amazing how hard it is to stitch this when I don't have a finished pictured to refer to, but I will finish this sooner or later. :)  Here's where it stands today.

Another project that is in my rotation is the Janlynn Spring Cross. This is a quick stitch and I have a good feeling that I might get this done this year. It is nice to get to some of the bright colors.
I'm excited about the further progress and to see just how much I can get stitched on the two HAEDs I'm starting this period.

Happy Stitching!!!


sharine said...

Great stitching. I can't wait to see more of the stocking.

Juls said...

Wow!!! You have a lot going on!!!! Great progress on all!!!!!!! I forgot about a few....nice to see them !!!!!

robindefender said...

Looks like you've made some great progress.

Maureen said...

Lots of great wips. Love the look of the stocking, looking forward to seeing your progress.